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Crane Repairs

Crane repairs

We repair all truck-mounted cranes from the support legs to the hook. As specialists we can handle all aspects of repair and confidently stand behind our workmanship. Our staff are highly trained and have many years experience so we don't have to spend precious time diagnosing what has caused the problem and how to fix it. We take crane safety seriously and do our utmost to ensure that your crane will operate safely, keeping your staff and others from harm.

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Structural repairs

The structure of any crane is subject to enormous loads. All components in the crane have to withstand the stresses imposed and if any are worn or damaged it can cause the crane to fail. Damage can be caused by overloading, incorrect use or by the crane hitting another object. If your crane has been subject to misuse, accident or damage, it is always wise to bring it in for inspection and repair.

We repair or replace cracked, fractured, dented, corroded or twisted frame components and worn or corroded pins and bushes in your truck mounted crane.

Hydraulic repairs

The hydraulic systems on any articulating crane are critical for smooth, reliable and safe performance. The systems work under high pressure and incorporate safety features to prevent loss of control. It is important that any loss of performance such as creep or behaviour problems are corrected quickly to prevent them contributing to a serious failure. Hydraulic components work under very tight tolerances and any debris from dirty fluid or worn parts can rapidly destroy expensive pumps and valves. Hydraulic leaks and damaged hoses should also be repaired or replaced before they cause more problems.

At Whangaparaoa Engineering we employ hydraulic specialists who can quickly diagnose and repair problems to ensure trouble-free and safe operation of your crane.

Electrical repairs

Modern knuckle-boom type cranes contain sophisticated electrical components including solenoids, valves and load sensors to ensure safe operation. Many HIAB style cranes also now come with remote or wireless control. Maintaining and diagnosing problems with these complex systems requires trained and experienced staff. At Whangaparaoa Engineering we have the experience to diagnose and repair electrical systems on your crane, getting your equipment back on the road faster.

Hook, rope and winch repairs

We have a large stock of pre-tested hooks and offer an exchange service to get you back on the road quickly without having to wait for your hook to come back from the testing facility. We can replace the wire rope on your crane with tested and certified rope and also have specialists in the repair of winches and winch gearboxes.

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